Tradewerks stands as a united force of like-minded solutions providers dedicated to delivering exceptional construction services. As a leading national construction company, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions, including commercial facilities maintenance, commercial construction, and residential construction. With a rich history spanning over 20 years and the successful completion of over 30,000 jobs, we bring a wealth of experience to every project.

At Tradewerks, we stay at the forefront of the industry through continuous training in the latest practices. Our commitment to world-class safety, excellence, quality, and efficiency ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

More than just a construction company, we are a team that cares deeply about our clients. Our philosophy revolves around reaching new heights and achieving success together. We invite you to experience the Tradewerks difference — let us handle it all for you with precision, care, and a proven track record. Choose Tradewerks for your construction needs, and let’s build success together.  Our company cares. Our company reaches. Our company achieves.  Let us do it all for you, too.



Josh Turner
Chief Executive Officer

“I was blessed to be able to work with my father, Matthew Turner since 2012. In 2018 I took over running PNPA | Tradewerks, and I have enjoyed working with this great team. Together, we’ve continued to evolve this company and carry the values that my father has passed down. I am a Husband to my beautiful wife, Ashley. And Father to my three amazing kids Porter, Stevie and Broden.”


Charles Taylor
Chief Financial Officer

“With the company since 2016, serving in a variety of roles, current one since 2019. Residing in Kalispell since 2001 with my wife, three dogs, and a one-eyed rescue cat. I love cooking, fermenting, smoking meat and cheese, and canning. I’m an avid reader of a variety of genres, but especially mystery, fantasy, and adventure. I enjoy games and competition of all kinds, leaning towards strategic board games.”

Liz Lundberg - Director

Liz Lundberg

“I have been with this company – family, really – since 2014.  I have grown immensely being surrounded by such an astounding group of people.  Because of what this company has done for me on a personal level, I am now driven by a strong desire to help others grow and succeed, both personally and professionally, and I strive to nurture others to develop that same desire.  I have been blessed with an amazing husband and five wonderful kids who are my reason for being.”

Chris Sandler - Project Manager

Chris Sandler
Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance

“I have been managing projects for about 6 years here and love our professional culture. I have a beautiful wife and three amazing children and my only real goal in life is to build a better tomorrow for them to grow up in. I love being a part of projects for our professional clients and being part of the resolutions to the many problems that come with facilities maintenance.”


Nichole Davidson
Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance

“Hey there! The name’s Nichole, I’m a Project Manager here at Tradewerks. I’ve been doing this project management work for about 4 years now, overseeing all sorts of projects for our clients. When I’m not here working, I’m at home with my two lovely, strong willed daughters. In my free time, I love getting outside and exploring or being in the kitchen cooking up something delicious.”

Drone Image - Asphalt

Kat Burnham
Project Coordinator

“Rooted in Kalispell, Montana, I am a dedicated assistant who takes pleasure contributing to development work. I am in constant pursuit of expanding my knowledge and grasp of the construction industry. Beyond my professional commitments, I find comfort exploring the great outdoors, especially hiking through the stunning trails in the Flathead Valley alongside my faithful canine companion.”

Samantha Giarmo - Invoicing Clerk

Samantha Giarmo
Invoicing Clerk

“I am a skilled multitasker who juggles multiple roles with ease. I try to make the most of every moment, I have two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband. I have a passion for cooking and a love of adventure and traveling. I approach life with positivity and enthusiasm.”

Tristan McCoy -Project Manager

Tristan McCoy
Project Manager, Capital Projects


Brendan Jones


Travis Shelby

Jon Herrington - Field Operations Manager

Jon Herrington
Field Operations Manager

“I have been in the construction industry most of my life. 5 1/2 years ago my wife, 2 boys, and 2 dogs moved to Arizona from Chicago area. Moving to AZ gave our family a fresh start. We are now able to enjoy the year round sunshine, camping, swimming, dirt biking, and family time outside. After moving to Arizona TRADEWERKS and I found each other, it has been a blessing that I wouldn’t have any other way.”


Andrew McDermott

“I like spending time with my family and friends. My apartment is in Illinois but I live on the road for the better part of the year working for PNPA as a traveling Superintendent. I’m a Chicago Bears Bears fan, and I like pizza.”


Kailey Stroupe

“My name is Kailey, and I’ve been working at the company 7 years. I can do a little bit of everything, from concrete curb repairs to painting oil bays!  I work out in the field with the ACC teams. We all love working out there, and overcoming the new challenges it brings, along with the rewarding feeling of accomplishment when wrapping up.  I’ve lived in Montana for the last 13 or so years and love the beauty of it! During the summer you can find me hidden in glacier or on a random trail in the middle of the woods!”


Matt Herrington

“I am originally from Chicago Illinois where I worked in various construction related industries for nearly two decades. I have lived in Phoenix Arizona for around five years now. I have  five amazing children. Two adult children who live in the Chicagoland area. Three school age children who live here in Phoenix as well. My hobbies are hanging with my little ones, painting and woodworking.”


Laker Ives

“I reside in the state of Alabama.  I’m not married.  I’m a GOD fearing man, and I live by a saying treat others as you would like to be treated.  It’s better to be kind then to be mean and unfair, so always have kindness and love one another.  My hobbies are fishing hunting and playing guitar. I also enjoy karaoke when I can and I really enjoy driving my motorcycle it helps clear my mind.  I’ve been a employee of PNPA for right at 3 years and I enjoy working for them; they are an amazing company and they never let me down.  I will always hold PNPA as a high standing company on morals and fairness. I believe with time and patience we can continue to grow and prosper.  As far as me as an employee I will do my very best to achieve greatness in my responsible tasks what ever that may be from welding to painting to floor coatings and I will always achieve greatness in all that I do.”


Steffan Stroupe

I come from the beautiful mountains of Montana’s Flathead Valley, where I’ve built a wonderful life surrounded by love, adventure, and work. At 30 years old, I prioritize my role as a family man, finding immense joy in being there and working hard for my wife, Kristina, and raising three amazing children. People might say I’m reliable and dedicated, these are traits that guide me as I confront life’s challenges and continue to grow as a man and as a father.  The beauty of Montana’s outdoors runs deep in me. Whether it’s the thrill of hunting, the freedom of riding my motorcycle, or the peace of exploring snowy landscapes on a snowmobile, I find adventure in these moments. Yet, amidst these experiences, nothing beats the stress free, calm joys of casting a line into a river or lake, cherishing time with my family, and finding fulfillment in hard work and dedication.”


Justin Scott

“I have been working with PNPA for 3 years now and it’s only getting better with time. I have spent my whole life traveling and moving from one place to the next. It only serves to show, if nothing else, consistency that I’d find employment in a field built on travel as well.  I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and I love everything about it. It’s close to everywhere and far from crowded, along with being the place my family finally settled down. Adapting and changing comes with learning your limits. Working here has expanded my limits and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.” 


Kenneth White

“I’m a former Las Vegas local who now calls Kalispell home. I truly enjoy my work at TradeWerks, where I am a part of the ACC crew, traveling for various projects across the US. Prior to this, I had experience in the construction industry around the Flathead Valley. When I’m home, you’ll most likely find me either casting a line into the waters or teeing off on the green.”


Portland Cabreras-Reese


Travis Mikesell

New Construction

From conception to completion, Tradewerks is here to help bring your dreams into reality. Our team will help walk your project from start to finish, on time and within budget. There is always a way, and we will find it together.

Facilities Maintenance

Restoring old and tired facilities back to their original condition so they are shining, safe and profitable. From the bathroom to the parking lot, we will find the best solution for your facility, and within your budget.


Whether you’re looking for a fresh remodel on your home or commercial property,  Tradewerks can help your vision become your reality.

We have been working with PNPA for just over 9 years. Of the many facility maintenance companies we work with by far we enjoy working with them the most. Working with staff that understands the construction industry makes the jobs much less complicated. With other companies we are constantly teaching their staff how the job should be done. The entire process from assessment to completion is so much easier which in turn is better for us and the client we are working for. So in short we would highly recommend PNPA whether you were looking as a subcontractor or a client.

Wes M.


I like working with all of the office people, response time is pretty good most of the time.  Tried to give a star rating of 10 but they wouldn’t let me.

Bill K.


I really enjoy the stability and consistency of work given to me.

Travis J.


The PNPA team is amazing to work with. Chris, Nichole and Sarah are on top of their respective roles and make every job seamless from start to finish. Liz is always readily available to discuss concerns or to help resolve issues as they arise. We fell extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to work with such an awesome team.

Greg W.


I have been working with PNPA for approximately 15-16 years. I find the team at PNPA to be extremely professional while being very friendly at the same time. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure the project is done and done well while keeping the interests of everyone involved. They are a joy to work with!

Shane H.


The entire process has been pretty seamless and very easy to work with everyone on the team.

Adam D.


Tradewerks has been doing a great job for us!  We especially appreciate your excellent communication, integrity and the genuine concern you show for each project.  As we’ve discussed in the past it’s these qualities that allow us to hand projects off to you knowing they will get completed in a timely and professional manner without a great deal of oversight.

Todd I.


We really appreciate your partnership and honestly bailing us out on this one. We never like to make or urgency or emergencies other people’s, but you all certainly rose to the occasion. 5 out of 5 stars, would recommend!!!!!

Zac L.


Always a pleasure working for Tradewerks! No nonsense and no games. Just straight forward leadership and punctual.

Jack V.


Pnpa has been an amazing company to work for over the years as a Subcontractor. They have allowed us to fill in work and supply us with larger jobs over the past 10+ years. We enjoy working with every single one of their team members.

Jesse K.


Great communication too many emails for me (but that is a personal thing).  Real people with understanding, not robots or ‘i don’t deal with that, but i can get someone’.

Paul H.


We have worked with PNPA since 2002. They have provided us with large and small jobs of a vast variety from bollard, fencing, concrete, block, tile, sheetrock, doorknobs/latches, painting and so much more. They have always paid on time and made great efforts to be fair in all business transactions. This work is expected to be completed in a timely manner with consideration to the techs challenges with each job. The team at PNPA are available to discuss problem solving while onsite and in advance of each job. It has been our pleasure to work with PNPA and look forward to many more years ahead.

Kelly T.


I have worked with PNPA, and many of the staff over several years. JBR has grown, during this time, and appreciates the opportunity to work with such great staff at PNPA. I believe we have worked great together, on many project levels, the communication is great, even if I forget something here or there. We look forward to a great future together.

Rob P.


I am delighted to share my rewarding experience working alongside PNPA Trade Works as a subcontractor, as they have played a significant role in helping me develop and expand my business. The entire team at PNPA is incredibly friendly and supportive, making it easy and enjoyable to collaborate with them. Their professionalism and dedication to excellence have truly impressed me, further solidifying my satisfaction with our partnership. Working with PNPA Trade Works has been a key factor in the growth of my business, and I look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

Jeremiah M.